PLAY IS THE WAY® Manual Vol 3: Part A 3Rs Method

PLAY IS THE WAY® Manual Vol 3: Part A 3Rs Method

Part A: 3Rs Method




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(Reflection - Repair - Restitution)

The 3Rs Method is a behaviour education methodology that builds self-management skills for children having difficulty with their behaviour.  It strengthens teacher/student relationships, develops empathy and addresses bystander behaviour. 

The 3Rs Method uses Guide Sheets that, with the guidance of a teacher, explicitly teach SEL skills, and gives students the opportunity to make the restitution that facilitates the repair of relationships. 

Click here for an overview of the Guide Sheets contained within this manual.

Guided by the detailed notes in this manual, schools can effectively implement the 3Rs Method across all year levels and build a sustainable culture of safety and support.

The 3Rs Method makes a genuinely safe school achievable.

“Teach our children to think, reason and analyse because in the course of daily living the question asked most frequently is, what is the right thing to do?  The answer invariably is, it depends.”