UCRM: Ultimate Community Role Model (Digital File)

UCRM: Ultimate Community Role Model (Digital File)

(Revised edition, 2020)

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UCRM: Ultimate Community Role Model

(Digital File - Revised edition, 2020)

UCRM uses a child’s entire primary school journey to deeply entrench the 6 key virtues that comprise the ultimate virtue of empathy. Once embedded, these virtues will serve as lifelong guides that enrich the life of every student, thereby leading to safer, kinder and more considerate societies.

There are 6 COMMUNITY ROLE MODEL CERTIIFICATES (CRMs - one for each virtue) and a student must be awarded all 6 certificates to be eligible for the award of Ultimate Community Role Model. A student can only receive each certificate once.

The UCRM award is a deeply significant acknowledgement of a student’s social and emotional capability and is equal in significance to the character development aspirations of a community as Dux Of The School award is to its academic aspirations.

Although it may seem harsh to only have one recipient of the UCRM AWARD this avoids any issues of tokenism and any degradation of the standards required to receive the award. Additionally, if UCRM has been implemented as intended, there is little chance of students who did not receive the award being resentful and a far greater chance of them feeling proud and uplifted by the achievement of the recipient.

A4 CRM & UCRM Certificates (Included with this resource)

A4 Virtues Posters (included with this resource)