By Wisdom Not By Force by Wilson McCaskill

By Wisdom Not By Force by Wilson McCaskill

A book of quotes by PLAY IS THE WAY® founder Wilson McCaskill.

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“What value is wealth if our children are poor in values?”

“BY WISDOM NOT BY FORCE,” is a stimulating journey into the ideas, issues and insights that are of consequence to the teachers, parents and children of today.

Wilson McCaskill’s philosophy and experience is captured in 163 of his own succinct, relevant and effective maxims.

Maxims can be of great help to children. They say what needs to be said and nothing more. Used in classrooms and displayed on school walls they serve to guide behaviour and stimulate positive attitudes.

Once learnt in childhood they become mental notes for life. Maxims can be shared, exchanged, added to and created. They penetrate the dark of unease and indecisiveness and can be a welcome signpost when confusion abounds and clarity is in marked absence.

173 x A4 Pages (landscape) Spiral Bound