Parent Information Sessions

Available only to schools that are already using the Play Is The Way® methodology.

  • COST:  $770 (15-50 participants) or $1,100 (51-100 participants)
  • DURATION - 1.5 hours
  • VENUE REQUIRED:  Large open space with a chair for each participant set up in a U-shape at one end of the room.


Our parent information session gives participants a hand-on experience of the Play Is The Way® methodology.

Attendees will participate in activities that illustrate the benefit of the guiding principles and reflective language. Through their own reactions, parents and carers will discover why the games make a powerful tool for social and emotional learning.

The session is not a workshop on parenting and does not give advice on parenting within the home and family setting. It does illustrate how the Play Is The Way® methodology works in schools and ways in which parents and carers can support the social and emotional learning of their children.