How does it work?

The PLAY IS THE WAY® Complete Program uses:

  • a unique program of physically interactive games 
  • key concepts to guide students through life and learning
  • a specific and empowering language to help attain self-mastery
  • a philosophy of behaviour education and student self-regulation that fosters independent, self-motivated, empathetic, life-long learners.

Requiring a minimum investment in resources and equipment (just one set of manuals for each classroom teacher) PLAY IS THE WAY® gives educators the comfort of guidance with the flexibility to adapt it to the needs and circumstances of their students.

The resources give teachers the necessary information to start and invite them to deepen their knowledge and skills as they progress through the program. It's a, learn as you go and improve with practise, approach.

The games program is a cross-curricular tool for social and emotional learning.  Typically, students participate in 4 x 20 minute games sessions per week for every week of the school year, for every year of primary school.

For schools intending to establish PLAY IS THE WAY® as an ongoing whole school methodology that supports students throughout their primary school journey, a very useful, Information Booklet can be downloaded for free.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

PLAY IS THE WAY® has proved itself in a wide variety of Australian, New Zealand and Canadian primary schools and is ideally suited to a whole school approach and commitment to social and emotional learning.