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  • Letter to the Principal at Tapping Primary School (December 2016)  

    Hi Bill,

    Today I dropped Patrick off to Tapping PS for the last time. All three of my boys went through Tapping from when it first opened and I wanted to say thank you to you and the staff (teachers and education assistants) who have been so influential in shaping the young men they are becoming.

    Lachlan started in year two with Mrs P and from day one he continued to thrive and grow. Mrs P, Mrs F and Mr R were particularly influential in encouraging Lachlan to be 'him'. Next year he goes into year 12 at Lake Joondalup Baptist College undertaking six ATAR subjects with the goal of studying physics or neuroscience at university. I sincerely believe that the Play Is The Way virtues program, instilled in him at Tapping, shaped his perseverance and motivation. He has a solid moral and ethical ground base, and is not motivated by rewards or 'glory' but by what he can do himself.  He works, he makes good choices as a teenager (no drink or drugs) and is confident in avoiding peer pressure which is a huge relief as a parent! 

    Riley is entering year 9 next year and he has continued to thrive since Tapping. He works hard, sets himself goals to work towards and is pleased as punch when he achieves them (without a reward/gift from anyone, just our verbal affirmations). He makes friends and makes good decisions despite being a teenager with teenage friends and a teenage brain. Riley is working towards engineering and I really believe the Play Is The Way virtues program is deeply rooted in his moral compass and work ethic. Mr R was a particularly great influence on Riley.

    Patrick is entering year 7 and despite being little he has a strong sense of self. He works very hard and is incredibly optimistic.  He runs his own YouTube channel and has aspirations to be a movie director! I love his 'anything is possible' attitude and his work ethic. He doesn't learn as easily as his brothers but he knows this and makes allowances for this by working/trying harder.

    So thank you so much for the great way you have run the school for the last ten(?) years, allowing the children to develop a strong, intrinsic sense of self. If you ever need to show anyone that the virtues program works point them in my direction! I used many of the strategies at home.

    Your dedication to education and kids has been much appreciated by me, Mike and the boys who loved Tapping and have great memories and friends from their time there.

    Thanks again, Wendy Godding

    (re-printed with permission from Wendy Godding)

  • "In 2005 staff from our school attended our first PITW Workshop with Wilson. We were so impressed we decided to send 3 teachers to W.A. to shadow him for 3 days as he conducted Workshops in schools. We were then fortunate to have Wilson & Julie attend our school on a number of occasions in the mid 2000s to run workshops with students, staff & parents with each visit having a profound impact on all involved. I believe the power and value of the approach is four fold: 1. The Games are very motivating and enjoyable to play, but importantly they always create situations where there is some type of discourse; we call it ‘the rub’. You want ‘the rub’ so that a discussion can occur around the ‘behaviour’ and how it might be different in future. The games also provide you with the opportunity to acknowledge appropriate behaviour as well. This allows students to learn about socially competent behaviour in a non-threatening and supportive way. 2. The Games demonstrate and teach students the concepts of honesty, co-operation, team work, self reflection, problem solving, self regulations and most importantly self soothing. The games also provide opportunities for these concepts to be named and discussed in the lesson. 3. Critically the language that is encourage by this approach is very empowering for teachers and always keeps them as a respectful adult in the room and not someone who gets embroiled in arguments that as Wilson says, ‘that only children can win.’ 4. Wilson’s philosophies about how to teach students to be socially competent individuals is based in common sense and easy to understand logic. It is my experience that if schools adopt this approach it will have a positive impact on student behaviour by teaching them to self regulate and self sooth, which in turn will have a positive impact on the ambiance in the school and create a better learning environment. My advice regarding embedding this approach in a school environment is to: • Get all teaching staff to attend a PITW Workshop annually to help motivate, re-energise and re-enthuse. • Run Parent Workshops annually to inform and educate, so that parents understand and become advocates of PITW. • Most importantly keep PITW in your conversations at school, with colleagues, students and parents. It is one of the most powerful things I have seen in my 30 year career in education!"   John Scobie (Principal) Bendigo Violet Street Primary School, Vic 2003 – 2014

  • "Our belief, supported by evidence over 5 years, is that PLAY IS THE WAY is the most effective way to achieve our objective of socially and emotionally competent children."  Bill Boylan (Principal) – Tapping Primary School, WA
  • “Our school decided to implement PITW (Play is the Way) to help develop social skills, and improve behaviour and self-esteem.  We have now completed one whole year and one term of the program and have noticed a dramatic change in the way children interact with each other. They are using the strategies they have learnt during PITW while in the classroom and playground. Teachers are noticing a common, positive language developing throughout the school. At the beginning of the year it was a struggle to get many of the students to participate and now they are excited and motivated about PITW.” - B. Bursle and L. Sharkey – Tyalla Primary School, NSW
  • “If you want to create a world where people have meaningful relationships with each other adopt this program in your school.” - D. Howes – Woodend Primary School, Teacher, SA
  • “Thank you so much for an inspirational day. Many PD’s give you activities that develop skills. I was delighted that you went one step further and linked the skills to values. Values for children. I have gained confidence to deepen my relationship with children and deepen the children’s educational experience. I got a lot out of your workshop and intend taking that back to the school which I’m sure will be of immeasurable benefit to the students.” - H. Eaddie – Billanook College, VIC, Teacher