Why games? 

The PLAY IS THE WAY® games program assists teachers to guide children beyond the simple pleasures of playing games to the character building benefits that can be achieved.

Guided by informed teachers/facilitators:

  • Our games help children to develop and habituate patterns of behaviour that are personally advantageous and culturally appropriate.
  • Our games teach children to respond appropriately to the thrill of success and the disappointment of failure. To enjoy competition with good grace and consideration for the other side.
  • Our games assist children to control impulsive behaviour and control the need for immediate gratification as they strive for long term benefits and goals.
  • Our games encourage children to use their skills to advantage others in the pursuit of common objectives. They strengthen the skills of teamwork and cooperation and help children to manage relationships.
  • By playing our games children initiate a process of self awareness and discovery. They create a shared body of experience that is used to build up relationships within the group and to develop the group.
  • Our games create a common awareness and language with which to discuss the processes of human action and interaction. They encourage empathy, respect and an appreciation of difference.
  • Our games engage children’s emotions and call for mastery and control of those emotions to achieve success. By being challenging, the games develop self motivation and perseverance. They help children to identify the reasons for failure and foster optimism and resilience.
  • Because they require effort and application, our games help children to understand the value of process in the pursuit of success.
  • Our games act as metaphors, similes and analogies for life and by playing these games children hone the skills that help them to live, learn, work and play well.
  • Our games improve the social, emotional, physical and mental health of children.