Sean Smith

Accredited PLAY IS THE WAY® Licensee – British Columbia, Canada

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Sean SmithAs a native Canadian and graduate from BC’s University of Victoria’s Faculty of Education, Sean Smith’s career took him to Queensland, where, working as a behaviour support teacher, he first encountered the PLAY IS THE WAY® program and was immediately drawn to its practical nature.

Sean began using the program with students he was working with and recognised the immense potential PLAY IS THE WAY® had in helping empower children, teachers, and parents tackle daily issues and concerns in a reasoned and honest way.

After representing PLAY IS THE WAY® in Queensland for 3 years, Sean has recently returned to British Columbia and is now sharing the program with Canadian schools and teachers.

As a practicing teacher, Sean brings an extensive range of classroom experience ranging from early primary to high school.

Sean has worked extensively in the classroom environment as a teacher in various year levels in Queensland and his home province of British Columbia, Canada.

His most recent experience included the Behaviour Support Services in Brisbane where he worked with students in a variety of programs to assist children, their parents, and teachers to affect positive changes in behaviour.

It’s Sean’s desire to guide students and teachers in the use of the PLAY IS THE WAY® Program to reach new heights of self-regulation and mastery over emotions and their resulting actions.