Open Workshops (one-day)

  • One-day Professional Learning Workshop (9am-3pm) cost is $240.00 per person. 
  • Morning tea and lunch are supplied and all attendees will receive a participation certificate and a copy of Children Aren’t Made Of China.
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PLAY IS THE WAY® one-day open workshops give you the opportunity to experience the program just as you would deliver it to your children – by doing it! This is not a pencil & paper program but an experiential, powerful and effective program that will develop the necessary social skills of your students – all this playing games!

A game isn’t “just a game.” PLAY IS THE WAY® games engage children’s emotions and call for mastery and control of those emotions to achieve success. By being challenging, the games develop self-motivation and perseverance. They help children to identify the reasons for failure and foster optimism and resilience. Guided by the teacher, participation in the games will develop the positive social behaviour that improves living and learning.

The one-day workshop is a practical hands-on session using games and activities from the PLAY IS THE WAY® program. Add to this the insights, observations and strategies from program founder, Wilson McCaskill’s book CHILDREN AREN’T MADE OF CHINA, and you have a workshop that prepares teachers to establish the program in their classroom or school.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”


Adding games, and the language that accompanies them, to a teacher’s repertoire of skills and strategies is a wise and sound investment at a time when positive social behaviour is being widely acknowledged as beneficial to a child’s ability to both live and learn well.

Free of power-point presentations, the PLAY IS THE WAY® workshop is participatory and interactive. Teachers don’t need to be sporty or fit to attend the workshop but simply be willing to play, enjoy and benefit. Just dress comfortably and reap the rewards.

By road testing the games, teachers will discover the words and strategies that make the program a powerful tool for the social and emotional development of children. Regular use of the program makes the ‘learning experience’ more productive and enjoyable for everyone in the classroom.

Games help children to habituate patterns of behaviour that are socially effective and culturally appropriate. The PLAY IS THE WAY® Program has proven itself in many schools throughout Australia and New Zealand by achieving significant improvements in the social and emotional competencies and wellbeing of students.


The Wilson McCaskill methodology (PLAY IS THE WAY®) is for the development of personal and social capabilities of children within a school setting and is for the use of schools only. Persons, business and organisations wanting to use any or all elements of the methodology outside of a school setting and for whatever purpose must be licenced to do so.

Teachers who attend a professional development workshop are entitled to teach our program to children in their current school or subsequent schools they may be employed in.

It is understood that other staff may learn to assist in the use of the program by directly observing it in action or reading the resources.  Teachers who have attended a workshop are not qualified to act as the trainers, of others, in the use of the program.

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