School Workshops (one-day)

  • We require a minimum of 20 participants to run a workshop. Workshop cost for schools is $140 per person (20-40 participants) or $125 per person (41-60 participants) CLICK HERE to download our free information booklet.
  • Additional to the workshop are the following travel charges ex Perth to capital cities:  
  • $600 (Vic, SA, NT)
  • $800 (Qld, NSW, Tas)
  • Outer metro area and international travel charges will be quoted on an individual basis.


Professional Learning Workshops are available for schools or clusters wanting to train their whole staff in the PLAY IS THE WAY® program. Small schools can combine with others to make up numbers. The content of these workshops are the same as the open workshops.

The workshops require 20-60 participants and are broken into 3 × 1.5 hour sessions with breaks between each session for morning tea and lunch.

The workshops use games from all of our resources, are participatory and give teachers a hands-on experience in the use of our program to develop pro-social behaviour.

We require a large open venue that permits the playing of games by those attending the workshop. Approx. 200 square metres would be a minimum requirement. If it’s to be held in a school then an undercovered area or hall should suffice. Failing that a large function room (without pillars) would be needed.