Mentoring sessions

  • The fee for 1 day of work in a school including a 60 minute Q & A session after school is $1,800.  (Additional travel charges will apply for bookings outside the Perth metro area)
  • Each session is of 1 hour duration and a maximum of 5 sessions can be held per day.


The mentoring sessions are held by Wilson McCaskill and are only available to schools that have been using the Play Is The Way program as a whole school approch to social and emotional learning for at least 6 months.  

All staff must have completed the one-day training workshop. Without a workshop under their belts, teachers lack the knowledge to glean the necessary learning from the sessions. 

Wilson works with one class at a time in the following format:

  • The classroom teacher takes the the students through a Play Is The Way game for the first 20 minutes of the session.
  • Wilson then takes the students for the next 20 minutes.
  • The one hour session is finished with a 20 minute feedback/discussion session between Wilson and the classroom teacher and any other members of staff observing the session.


Wilson is happy to have any number of teachers (within reason) observe each session - provided the class teacher is comfortable with that.

Wilson requires a single class being facilitated by their regular classroom teacher. This allows him to make a more accurate assessment and see the natural dynamics of the class thereby making the feedback more specific and helpful.

It is important to have someone (usually an admin person or substitute teacher) to take the students back to their class for the final 20 minutes of the session. This frees the teacher/s to concentrate on the discussion and also ensures an open conversation without the fear of being overheard by students.

This process has proved to be more educational and of greater benefit to teachers than simply watching Wilson work with students. It does take some courage on the part of the teacher being observed but the gains for the teacher concerned far outweigh the stress of publicly conducting a session.

We also recommend schools hold a 60 minute whole staff Q & A at the end of the day during which Wilson responds to queries or concerns the school or individual teachers may have.