Suggested equipment list per class:

Stopwatch (take to every session)

1 per teacher

Whistle (take to every session)

1 per teacher

Fat Chalk (optional for marking lines)

1 packet

Large Plastic Balls 25cm


Small Soft Balls 10cm

10 (1/child for 4-6 year olds)

Bean Bags (mixed colours)

1 per child

Hula Hoops (flat or tubular) 75cm

12 - 20

Baskets (that will hold 4 large balls)

2 - 4

Ping Pong Balls (optional for variation of Zig Zag Ball)


Blindfolds (swimming goggles painted) + carry bag


Household buckets or boxes


Household Pegs + carry bag

1 packet of 100

1 metre lengths of rope or cloth


Marker cones (optional for defining playing areas)

8 - 10

Sashes (strip of cloth that can be tied around waist or hung over shoulder)




  • Swimming goggles painted black on both sides of the lenses make great blindfolds.  They fit perfectly around the eyes and are really quick to put on.  Where cloth blindfolds tend to slip off and get dirty easily, goggles do not. Nor do they allow students to peek down the side of their nose and because they do not cover the ears place no restrictions on hearing.  Goggles also come in junior and senior sizes which is handy and there is no need to buy expensive ones, as being watertight is not a requirement.
  • Purchasing or making good bean bags is important.  Bean bags should have good weight and feel and be robust.  Many commercial bean bags are too light to be thrown effectively and their size and texture makes them hard to hold securely.  If you would prefer to make your own bean bags, a copy of our template is included at the end of this section.
  • Sports balls are not the best for games as they are designed to be predictable in flight and bounce.  Aside from that, they imply competition and can trigger a strong, sports driven response of, must win at all costs.  Using colourful, light plastic balls of the type typically bought for little children keeps the sense of play in the games.  Plastic balls are less predictable and harder to handle.  They are also less dangerous and if one strikes a child in the head, surprise more than injury will be the likely outcome.
  • Full size hula hoops (75cm) work best.  They can be tubular or flat.  Lots of colours adds to the sense of play.
  • It’s always good to have some extra large pavement chalk available.  A quick chalk line here and there can help to keep things organised.
  • Stop watches don’t have to be expensive but they do need to work well.  Too many teachers lose too much time trying to get to the right mode or trying to clear the time and start at zero.
  • Whistles are really useful.  For some reason, many teachers are reluctant to use them.   The message of a whistle is clear and precise.  Universally, it means stop or start and universally, people respond to the request.