"No program - no matter how sound it is - can have impact if its essential elements are not used."

Yap, K., Aldersebaes, I., Railsback, J., Shaughnessy, J., & Speth, T. (2000)

We highly recommend you read the Play Is The Way® Implementation Guide to gain a deeper understanding of the implementation process.  To download a free copy CLICK HERE


 A short summary of the Play Is The Way® implementation process is as follows:

  • Whole school one-day professional learning workshop (OPTIONAL).
  • Staff meeting for discussion and feedback soon after the one-day workshop.
  • Purchase of required PLAY IS THE WAY® written resources for every teacher.
  • Set a start date for the program – Usually 2 to 3 weeks after workshop and receiving resources. This allows staff to do required reading and preparation.
  • If possible, conduct an evaluation of the personal and social capabilities of students prior to the start of PLAY IS THE WAY®.
  • Acquisition of simple and readily available games equipment and the preparation of games kits for all classrooms.
  • Creating a timetable that permits all classes to participate in the required number of games sessions per week for the required number of minutes.
  • Ensuring all teachers have an appropriate space in which to conduct their games sessions.
  • Whole school begins the program.
  • Administration team honouring staff commitment to the program by the regular observation of games sessions.
  • Staff meeting after completion of first or second week of program to ensure fidelity of implementation by using Fidelity of Implementation checklist in the Implementation Guide.
  • Further evaluation of the personal and social capabilities of students at intervals determined by those conducting the evaluation.