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Practical Parenting Videos

Following are a series of videos presented by Play Is The Way creator, Wilson McCaskill

Episode 1 – Role Modelling
When raising children parents must choose to become good role models: children learn to do as we do, not as we say.
Episode 2 – Parent or Friend
The frequently asked question “Should I be my child’s friend or parent?” Bottom line: be your child’s parent first and foremost.
Episode 3 – Emotional Children, Emotional Parents
“How do I stop my children from upsetting me?” Wilson talks about the importance of emotional security from parents – how children need security and rational thought over emotional parenting.  Bottom line: be the adult in the relationship between your child and you. Be rational with your decisions and parenting. Don’t let irrational emotions drive you as a parent.
Episode 4 – Helping Children Find Their Path
A common issue that parents have: “my child seems to be going nowhere”. Wilson  discusses the best way to look at success for your children and elaborates on why success should be measured through the right path for your child.  Bottom line: help your child find their path in life. That will inevitably bring them happiness and success.
Episode 5 – Smacking Children
“Is it appropriate to smack children?” Wilson talks about the wider implications, beyond the emotional damage, of smacking particularly in relation to schooling.  Bottom line: children do not need to be hurt to do right.
Episode 6 – How To Prepare Your Children For School
How to prepare children for school; the various things parents can institute at home to help build the social skills that children can benefit from in the school environment.
Episode 7 – Meaningful Conversations With Your Children
Wilson discusses how to have meaningful conversations with your children; how to establish relationships with your children that involve true sharing of opinions.
Episode 8 – Why Children Need Good Manners
Wilson discusses why children need good manners not only in their building of relationships with friends but also through life: “manners help us slip and glide past each other in life”. A common question Wilson often encounters is: “why don’t my children have many friends?”. His answer is: “do they have good manners?”
Episode 9 – Should We Praise Our Children?
When we should praise our children and why? “Praise should be specific, detailed, focussed and lets them know what they’ve done and why it works. Children shouldn’t starve from lack of praise – nor should they get obese from too much” – as often happens in many families.
Episode 10 – When Parents Rescue Children
Why we shouldn’t rescue our children unnecessarily as often happens in many families. Many parents are quick to help, protect and rescue their children from harm, difficult situations and possible failure. Wilson asserts that we should ensure that children fail and experience difficulty so they can learn how to be persistent, how to persevere, and how to pick themselves up from failure. These will be important life tools for everyone!

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