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Green Island School in Dunedin, is our first lighthouse school in New Zealand.  They have been using PITW since 2013 and host visitors from all over New Zealand to see PITW in action.

Is PLAY IS THE WAY® the right fit for your school?

A common profile of PLAY IS THE WAY® schools are ones that:

  • have a whole school, long term commitment to the development of positive social behavior to assist and benefit learning and life.
  • understand the value of play as a brain compatible way of learning. 
  • add PLAY IS THE WAY® into curriculum and not onto it, by creating a whole school culture that supports social and emotional learning.
  • accept that crucial to the whole process is the role modeling by all staff of adult behaviour that exemplifies social and emotional competency.
  • have staff willing to step out of their personal comfort zones to acquire new skills and capabilities.
  • find ways and means to build or improve the working partnership with parents and carers so they can support and assist the social and emotional development of students.
  • understand that schools are the hubs of communities and the agents for positive change within communities. They are not the victims of their clientele and most actively demonstrate the meaning of community by the manner in which they live and learn within the school grounds.
  • create a safe and supportive staff room in which discussion, opinion, difficulties, successes, concerns and queries can be openly aired and help freely asked for.

For a list of schools in each state that have hosted PLAY IS THE WAY® one-day professional learning workshops for their staff please click on a link below:

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