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PLAY IS THE WAY® Methodology Manuals Volume 1 and 2

All you need to get started with PLAY IS THE WAY® in your classroom or school.

$264.00 tax incl.


The Play Is The Way® Methodology Manuals (Volumes 1&2) are the lifeblood of social and emotional learning (SEL) in schools throughout Australia.  They give educators a long term, consistent and sustainable approach to SEL that accompanies students through every year of their primary school journey.


Volume 1  informs, guides and supports classroom teachers in their pursuit of empathetic, self-managing, self-motivated, independent, lifelong learners.

It immerses teachers in the behaviour education philosophy that underpins the many games and activities that characterise Play Is The Way®.

Additionally, it includes 7 critical posters that encourage children to work towards the pro-social behaviour necessary to build strong, safe and inclusive school communities.

Volume 1 gives busy teachers on-going, quick to read professional development in behaviour education, thereby helping to sustain their commitment to the improvement of students’ mental health and well being.

It’s loaded with strategies, tips, insights and information as well as a process for the effective school wide implementation of the Play Is The Way methodology.

Excerpt from Volume 1, The Good Oil On Good Manners

Volume 2   is a collection of over 30 physically interactive games purposefully designed to both require and develop social and emotional competencies as they’re being played.

Play Is The Way® games, although physically interactive, are not about physical skills but the social and emotional attributes needed to work with others respectfully, responsibly and effectively.

Our games are behaviour education in action and a brain compatible way of instilling the competencies for meaningful and rewarding engagement with life and learning.

By using Volume 2 educators improve their games facilitation skills, enhance their understanding of behaviour and deepen the conversations that drive improvements in the way individuals and groups behave.

With a timetable of games and a “Social and Emotional Learning Competencies” table to help teachers select the best games to develop particular competencies, Volume 2 is an indispensable part of the Play Is The Way® methodology.

Not only does it contain games, it offers educators the ways and means to maximise their SEL teaching effectiveness and improve the game playing experience for students.

NOTE: When you purchase this set of  resources you will also receive a link to download the Life Raft Posters, Virtues Posters and the Pathway To Empathy Poster that will enable you to make additional copies of your own as required.


CLICK HERE to see a couple of games from Volume 2  being demonstrated.

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