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PLAY IS THE WAY® Methodology Manuals Volume 1 and 2

All you need to get started with PLAY IS THE WAY® in your classroom or school.

$264.00 tax incl.


The PLAY IS THE WAY® Methodology Manuals (Vol 1&2) are the culmination of over 20 years experience of teaching social and emotional learning skills. Condensed into a concise, student focused, and teacher friendly resource.

Social and emotional development at your fingertips in these two manuals that give you all the information you’ll need to improve the living and learning of children, using PLAY IS THE WAY®.

Think of Volume 1 as the vital organs of the program. The inner workings built around five central chapters that inform, support and sustain teachers.

VOLUME 1: The “who, what, where, when and why” of PLAY IS THE WAY®

  • IMPLEMENTATION: A stepping sequence to guide effective implementation.
  • THE LANGUAGE: A simple precise way of talking that strengthens the educator/student relationship.
  • SELF-REGULATION: The pathway to independent, self-motivated participation in learning and living.
  • PROFESSIONAL LEARNING: Insightful articles that add depth to understanding and effectiveness to application.
  • LIFE RAFT: Five key concepts plus six reflective questions that guide children in the building of a genuinely safe school community (includes 6 x A4 sized posters shown below).

VOLUME 2: The “how” of PLAY IS THE WAY®

  • A year long timetabled program of games that immerses children in a wide variety of developmental experiences. And because the games can be played at increasing levels of difficulty and with challenging variations, the program can be a regular part of every student’s journey through school.
  • These PLAY IS THE WAY® games come with detailed instructions, helpful hints and an issues and observations section that lifts each game into something far more than a game.

When you purchase this resource you will also receive a link to download the Life Raft Posters and the Pathway To Empathy Poster that will enable you to make additional copies as required.

CLICK HERE to view videos of a couple of Play Is The Way® games that are in Volume 2

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