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PLAY IS THE WAY® Play More Manual

20% OFF  Until 31st March 2024

PLAY MORE, is a manual of games that gets students actively involved in developing the personal and social competencies essential for participating, contributing, progressing and caring about themselves, others and their communities.

$144.00 tax incl.


“Play is the way children learn without the consequences of reality.”

Play Is The Way® games and activities give educators the means to deliver the key social and emotional capabilities students need to manage their behaviour, work with others and achieve their goals.

This manual will guide you through the complexities of social and emotional learning (SEL) using specifically designed games and activities. The extensive lists of questions will help educators strengthen their relationships with students.

Through play, conversation, discussion and guidance, students learn to create safer classrooms and school communities.

The games and activities are targeted for ages 7 – 12+. However, they can be easily adapted by creative educators to be effective above and below these ages.

CLICK HERE to download a FREE game from the manual called “Around The Square.”

CLICK HERE to download a FREE game from the manual called “Once Upon A Time.”

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