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Leroy Slanzi

British Columbia, Canada Representative

Hi Everyone,

My name is Leroy Slanzi and I have been an Educator in British Columbia for the past 20 years. I started my career working in a Foundational Skills Program working with our most vulnerable learners. After completing a Masters Degree in Special Education, I went on to become a Special Education Teacher, again working with vulnerable learners. Since then I have worked as a Vice Principal / Principal in an Elementary School, Middle School and a High School. My most proud accomplishment was leading Merritt Central Elementary School in becoming the first Play Is The Way® Lighthouse School in Canada. I feel proud and privileged to be able to introduce the  PLAY IS THE WAY® methodology, as a licensed PITW representative, to Canadian schools and teachers.

I first encountered the Play Is The Way® through colleagues who attended a workshop and at the time we were knee deep in the growth mindset philosophy. These two amazing educators felt that Play Is The Way® was the perfect program to develop and effectively invoke change in our school culture and they were not wrong. It transformed our whole school, leading us out of a behaviour management philosophy, to one that focused on behaviour education. We began using the program with students immediately and we recognized the immense potential PLAY IS THE WAY® has in helping empower children, teachers, and parents. Within months we developed a sound school plan that encompassed the Play Is The Way® philosophy.

Leroy Slanzi

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