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No program – no matter how sound it is – can have impact if its essential elements are not used.

Yap, K., Aldersebaes, I., Railsback, J., Shaughnessy, J., & Speth, T. (2000)

As Play Is The Way® is not a quick fix, short-term behaviour intervention strategy but rather a process that accompanies students for every year of their development within a primary school, it is important that teachers are given every opportunity to implement it with fidelity.

We recommend taking a term (8 to 10 weeks) to thoroughly prepare staff for a confident and well-executed implementation. To this end, it is best to create an Action Team, made up of teachers from a cross-section of the school community, to guide and drive the development of staff, prepare the timetable, source the simple equipment needed and allocate the necessary playing areas prior to launching Play Is The Way®.

The right Action Team is invaluable and will need to know the resources well and be ready to assist teachers when needed. They will also need to monitor the development of Play Is The Way® within their school community and fine-tune it to achieve the best possible outcomes. The more hands-on and involved staff are in the delivery of Play Is The Way® the better it will serve the students.

Our resources will efficiently guide the Action Team and teachers. Not only will they help prepare staff for implementation, they also supply the further professional learning that establishes Play Is The Way® as the behaviour education culture of your school.

To this end, it is important to support teachers by ensuring they have their own resources to study and regularly refer to. Too often, inspired and enthusiastic teachers lose commitment in the teaching of pro-social behaviour because simple points of detail have not been addressed.

Please download our Implementation Guide. It is essential reading if your school is looking for a long-term, social and emotional learning methodology that connects to the Personal and Social Capabilities domain in the General Capabilities of the National Curriculum.

Note: A copy of the Implementation Guide is also in Play Is The Way® Methodology Manual Volume 1.


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